Monday, February 14, 2011

Silva - Fedor MMA

Gracies break down the technical aspects of the Silva - Fedor fight.

Here is the actual fight. Fedor needs to drop to 205 if he wants to continue to compete. He used his superior quickness and explosiveness to go for the knockout, but Silva was striking effectively and in the second round managed to get Fedor down. A 280 lb BJJ black belt in the top position is very hard to deal with. They call Fedor The Last Emperor, and he had a great run in MMA, but his time is nearly over now.

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Shawn said...

Did anyone else think, growing up, that people who looked like bodybuilders were the best at fighting? I feel like I was lied to. All the superheros, etc. look like bodybuilders, but when it comes to MMA, no one looks that way.

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