Saturday, February 12, 2011

Berkeley photos 2

Tomorrow I'm headed down to Caltech. Here are a few more Berkeley photos.

An LBNL building I particularly like. The big glass wall has a great view of the Bay.

This is the hottest restaurant in Berkeley (NYTimes review: "Gather has the feel of a Michael Pollan book come to life"). A foodie friend insisted we go there and enjoy the vegan “charcuterie” plate :-) Menu.

I got home in time to watch Antonio Silva administer the beatdown on Fedor. Zhoozhitsu! Zhoozhitsu! Very tough to deal with a bigger, stronger guy with good jits. Fedor kept winging punches looking for the knockout, but once Silva got top position his ground technique was too much for the Russian. I doubt the fight game is very popular at Gather.

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