Monday, February 21, 2011

Lunch with Razib

I had lunch with blogger and population geneticist Razib Khan today. Lunch turned into coffee which turned into hours of discussion. Razib told me he's been blogging for a decade now. See him discuss multiregional human evolution in light of recent discoveries of archaic DNA in certain human subgroups, with Michigan paleo anthropologist Milford Wolpoff:

One concrete outcome from the meeting is I've now created a twitter feed for my blog posts. See here: @hsu_steve.


Mr_Cholmondeley said...

"Lunch turned into coffee which turned into hours of discussion" which turned into... RK's so "light in the loafers" he's difficult to listen to.

botti said...

Cool, I enjoy Razib's Discover/gnxp blog. It would be nice if his old co-blogger godless capitalist would make a comeback.

Guest said...

Walpoff is extremely charming, pithy and understandable. All too funny, though, is his solemnly and sacerdotally informing Razib that IQ research is nonsense.

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