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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Some favorite posts

I started writing this blog in 2004 (it has had about a million visitors!), and by now the content is a bit unwieldy to navigate, even with labels and search. I thought I'd make a list of some of my favorite posts and topics. Please suggest other posts to add to the list!

Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will.

Memories of Feynman. Labels: Feynman, path integrals.

Mama said knock you out (learning how to fight).

Many Worlds and quantum mechanics, a brief guide. Label: Many Worlds. (Note, the usual quantum probabilities do not emerge naturally in this interpretation. See my paper On the Origin of Probability in Quantum Mechanics.)

Cognitive limitations: statistics , higher ed. Label: bounded rationality, human capital. Brainpower and globalization.

Expert predictions in soft subjects are unreliable. Intellectual honesty. Frauds! Label: expert predictions.

We can (crudely) measure cognitive ability using simple tests. (It is amazing to me that this is a controversial statement.) Randomly sampled eminent scientists have (very) high IQs, and given the observed stability of adult IQ the causality is clear: psychometrics works. Income, Wealth, and IQ. Label: psychometrics.

Historically isolated groups of humans cluster genetically according to geographical ancestry. Explained in pictures , words , more words.

I am skeptical of all but the weakest claims of market efficiency. My talk on the credit crisis. Venn diagram for economics.

Careers, advice to geeks: A tale of two geeks , success vs ability. Labels: careers , startups , entrepreneurs.

Net worth , life satisfaction , happiness , the gilded age.

What is the likely development path for China in the next decades? Sustainability of China growth , China development: how big is the middle class? , Back to the future , Shanghai from an Indian perspective.

That curious institution, Caltech. How did a 16 year old kid from Iowa end up there? (See memories of Feynman above.)

There are geniuses in the world. (I am not one.)

My lovely kids. Photos. Autobiographical.


Credentialism and elite careers , Defining meritelitism , brainpower

Video of Google talk on cognitive genomics. Update: video of 2013 seminar here. Review article: On the genetic architecture of cognitive ability and other quantitative traits.

I work on algorithms for phenotype prediction from genotype, using new methods from high dimensional statistics. My estimate is that prediction of complex traits such as height, cognitive ability, or highly polygenic disease conditions will require data sets of order one million individuals (i.e., to build a model which accounts for most of the genetic variance). Once these models are available, human reproduction (and evolution!) will be revolutionized.

These papers are somewhat technical:

This one is a bit less technical and gives a broader overview:

Cattle genomics (an existence proof):

This is for popular audiences (Nautilus Magazine):

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