Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Caltech basketball

Looks like they finally broke their losing streak :-) Covered by the NYTimes, no less!

I was on the swimming, waterpolo and football teams (the football team no longer exists). The swimming and waterpolo teams (competing in somewhat geekier sports) were more successful than the basketball team. The football team would have probably had a similar losing streak if we played regular SCIAC competition, although we did have a superstar running back (Div I quality) who was scouted for the USFL as a senior.

Coincidentally, I picked up this t-shirt at the bookstore last week when I was visiting. The shirts were on clearance, so I got mine for 50 percent off. Now I bet they're a hot item. Go Beavers!

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PVvanderByl said...


Was the running back you were referring to Jonathan Brown? If so, what happened to him?

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