Thursday, February 24, 2011

In transit

I'm back in Asia now.

I splurged and went for the business class upgrade. Well worth it as I was able to sleep about 4 hours and ended up sitting next to someone that may be a valuable contact in the future. Global elites, indeed.

Here's the Narita Red Carpet Club, which has showers, sushi, booze and wifi.


ZZ said...

If you meet with some BGI people would you mind asking them how long it will be before we can use IVF to select for high-IQ kids?

Also, given the number of genes impacting IQ, is it possible their research identifying them won't have much application outside of the studied ethnic groups?

L R Coco said...

Selecting high-IQ kids?

I am pretty liberal (even for a Western European) but sometimes a worry a bit about where this is going to end. Are we going to order our children? Selecting hair color, IQ, ... If you would have time, I would love to see spending some thoughts on this issue.

Btw: you seem to travel a lot, do you get any work done in the meanwhile?

Zz said...

10-20 years is longer than I'd guess. Make 30 embryos, check them for all the IQ genes that have been identified, choose the a couple that you like the best and implant. That doesn't seem too hard.

dabacon said...

Can you still adhere to DoE regulations by using a code share?

steve hsu said...

Yes. But it my case I didn't have a better alternative than UAL.

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