Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Perimeter talk: monsters

I'm traveling today to the Perimeter Institute in icy Canada. I love modern architecture -- can't wait to see their funky building.

[Video and audio of seminar available here -- I'm always afraid to listen to or watch myself giving a talk, but I should probably do so at some point to improve my presentations...]

Curved space, monsters and black hole entropy


Abstract: I discuss a class of compact objects ("monsters") with more entropy than a black hole of the same ADM mass. Such objects are problematic for AdS/CFT duality and the conventional interpretation of black hole entropy as counting of microstates. Nevertheless, monster initial data can be constructed in semi-classical general relativity without requiring large curvatures or energy densities.


Sabine Hossenfelder said...

Looking forward to the monsters :-)

Steve Hsu said...

No peeking at the slides! :-)

Raymond said...

I'd remember that building monsters requires 1-2M(r)/r~0. And you had some out of the sleeve matter-energy distribution, that can do so. Would it be so hard to simulate backwards in time that configuration and notice that this leads to superluminous speeds? And thusly invalidate the monsters. Or was that exactly what you have done?

Steve Hsu said...

Hi Rami,

The configurations we construct are time reversal invariant. If they are isolated they must have originated from a white hole singularity. However, for S < A it appears one could "engineer" monster initial data without a singularity. If this is unclear send me an email...

Sabine Hossenfelder said...

Your talk was great, very clear, very well structured, very well presented. (I don't say this to everybody).

I too hate watching my own talks (especially the German accent).

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