Monday, April 04, 2016

The global jiujitsu phenomenon

This is promo footage for Polaris, a professional BJJ competition. The four competitors profiled train in Toulouse (France), Florida, San Diego, and NYC. Gezary Matuda reminds me of an old girlfriend who also trained.

One of the fights at Polaris 3 features 37 year old Jake Shields against 25 year old A.J. Agazarm. Both were college wrestlers before taking up BJJ. Shields has been a top MMA competitor for a decade now. It's funny that Agazarm wants to act tough because if this were a real fight he'd have been sent to the hospital. Warning, this footage may get taken down at some point.

Although I enjoy watching sport BJJ, a lot of the modern innovations are only suited to sport and would get you killed if strikes were allowed. If a match starts with competitors sitting on their butt and pulling guard (e.g., Miyao brothers) I usually turn it off.

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