Friday, April 08, 2016

Harvard Overseer Election

Harvard Overseer ballots have been mailed. Please vote for the Free Harvard, Fair Harvard ticket!

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Below is my candidate statement.
Stephen Hsu is Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and Professor of Theoretical Physics at Michigan State University. He oversees roughly $600 million in annual research expenditures on a campus of 50,000 students and over 5,000 faculty and academic staff.

Previously, he was Founder and CEO of SafeWeb, a Silicon Valley information security startup acquired by Symantec, and held faculty positions at Yale and the University of Oregon. Hsu was a Junior Fellow of the Harvard Society of Fellows, 1991–1994. His research areas include quantum field theory, cosmology, and computational genomics.

"As a scientist, university administrator, and technology entrepreneur, I believe I have unique insight into the challenges facing modern research universities.

"My father immigrated here in 1948 to pursue graduate studies, and I was blessed to have a wonderful midwestern upbringing in a small college town. Many teachers, professors, and mentors contributed to my growth and development. Therefore, I am obliged to contribute to the continued vitality of the U.S. educational and scientific enterprise. Toward this goal, it would be my great honor to serve as a Harvard Overseer. Two of my objectives, which I hope you share: 1. let us make Harvard more accessible to talented students of limited means, 2. let us ensure that Harvard admits the students who are most able to benefit from its gifts, and in return benefit the world."

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