Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in the tropics

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I had to give a seminar at National Taiwan University (Tai Da) yesterday, which took a little time, and in addition I've been immersed in a new research idea. The idea came from a talk I heard at the meeting last week in Shanghai. I don't know if it will materialize into anything (that's how research goes), but my brain hasn't been able to let go of it for several days 8-)

Here are two fun posts by Andrew Gelman, blogger and Columbia statistics professor: physicists and economists (sure to get some people riled up!), the von Neumann paradox.

Finally, some pictures I took today. It was way too hot and humid when we first got to Taiwan, but now we're getting some lovely winter weather -- Taiwan is about the same latitude as Hawaii :-) It sure doesn't feel like Thanksgiving or Xmas around here!

Kids playing on the Academia Sinica campus near our apartment:

Strange tadpoles in the pond. In the bottom picture, eating bread someone has thrown in the pond. It's worth clicking to see the larger versions! Tadpole sandwich, anyone?

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