Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cosmology versus Econophysics

We have a bit of a scheduling conflict here -- a meeting on econophysics from Thursday until Saturday, and another meeting on dark energy and dark matter on Friday-Saturday at Tsing Hua University. I'm already committed to speak at the latter on Saturday.

Which talks sound more appealing to you? :-)

The Market Impact of Boundedly Rational Traders, Relationship between bid-ask spreads and fluctuations in market prices, How do skilled traders change the structure of the market? Optimal Diffusion in Evolutionary Designed Networks

Updated Dark Matter Search with Sub-keV Germanium Detector, SUSY Dark Matter in Light of CDMS-II/XENON Limits, Determining the Dark Energy Equation of State from Gravitational-Wave Observations of Binary Inspirals, Thermodynamics in Modified Gravity Theories

(Plenty more talks, some with slides or the actual papers, at the links above.)


Eloi said...

"Econophysics" is a bad name. "The theory of speculation" is better. Whatever it's called it's another example of theoretical/mathematical science as mental masturbation.

steve hsu said...

So I should attend the cosmo talks? :-)

David said...

Most of the cosmo stuff sounds so clean [except for the Thermodynaimics ...]. So, I vote for the econophysics [but I'd be interested to read the slides from the cosmo talks].

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