Monday, July 31, 2017

China's rise in Science and Engineering indicators (NSF)

Data from the 2016 NSF report on global Science & Engineering Indicators shows the rapid rise of China in both academic science and applied technology.

Rapid growth in number of Chinese S&E articles, reaching parity with US in 2013, and well ahead of Japan and India.

Fraction of high impact (top 1% most cited) papers highest for US research (~1.9%). China and Japan comparable at ~0.8% as of 2012. China's fraction roughly doubled between 2001 and 2012.

As of today total number of high impact papers is still probably ~2:1 in favor of US. But I think most people would be surprised to see that China has caught up with (surpassed?) Japan in this quality metric.

US and China now each account for ~30% of global high tech value-added manufacturing. Value-added means net of input components -- going beyond simple assembly.

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