Monday, October 07, 2013

UK to sequence 100k genomes

Here's to the NHS! The plan is to complete this in 5 years.
Welcome to Genomics England

We are a new company set up by the Department of Health to help deliver the 100k Genome Project first announced by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, in December 2012.

This project will sequence the personal DNA code – known as a genome – of up to 100,000 patients over the next five years. This unrivalled knowledge will help doctors’ understanding, leading to better and earlier diagnosis and personalised care. Based on expert scientific advice, we will start by tackling cancer, rare diseases and infectious diseases.

The company will manage contracts for sequencing, data linkage and analysis, and set standards for patient consent.


5371 said...

First announced by Cameron? PR BS.

Richard Seiter said...

It looks like they are talking about whole genome sequencing (based on the Science Working Group report:

Wow. Any idea what kind of phenotypic information they will be collecting?

I wonder how long it will take for genetic information being collected as parts of various surveys and studies to be sequenced (SNPs and/or whole genome) and made available. One example of this is the genetic data for NHANES:

Al_Li said...

Time to brush up your bioinformatic skills

Richard Seiter said...

Thanks for the Peking University link--I had missed that one.

This class is over but the archive might be of interest:
and another:

Diogenes said...

doubtless upper class twits like cameron will find that the uk's obscene inequality is due to greater genetic variation in its population.

Diogenes said...

al gore invented the internet. people like cameron who've done nothing but make hot air their entire lives don't understand the difference between talking and doing.

BobSykes said...

At some point, every new born infant will have his DNA sampled and sequenced and entered into a data base accessible by all sorts of government agencies.

dwbudd said...

I am not sure if the comment on Al Gore is meant to be facetious (do not mean to get all Asperg-y, but sarcasm is hard to trace on-line), but I certainly hope you're not actually a believer that Al Gore has created anything really, other than being the ghost writer of some quasi-scientific PowerPoint shows and a market for consultants to politicians who want to brush-up their respective Q-factors with brown suits and soft, earthen hues.

dwbudd said...

Cameron is the proto-typical toff.

Only nowadays, "Cool Britannia" means playing-down one's well-heeled ancestry. It used to be an insult to be called a jumped-up stable boy; now, I reckon it's a badge of honour.

Diogenes said...

sarcasm for sure.

and btw,

angela merkel is a phd in p-chem!!!

the us and uk have shown that the wrong side won the world wars.

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