Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Next (and Next Next) Generation DNA Sequencing Methods

This is from 2012 but seems to cover most of the Next Gen platforms currently in use (for some reason he skips over the Complete Genomics slide). There seems to have been a slight plateau recently in the sequencing cost curve; I wonder whether when the next jump will happen ... The conventional wisdom is that the bioinformatics costs now dominate the sequencing cost but I think that can be fixed using existing computing technology (i.e., it is more predictable than a big breakthrough in molecular method).

Does anyone know of a comparable talk that is a bit more recent?

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Mulcaster said...

Genes are just noise to environment's signal. Even in the case of Huntington's the onset may be at 90+ or never. And study of the gene x environment will never have enough fits for significance.

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