Thursday, February 07, 2013

Meeting of minds

Ron Unz meets Amy Chua at Yale Law School. Wish I could have been there :-)
The American Conservative: ... On Wednesday afternoon, I made an hour-long presentation at the Yale Law School, co-sponsored by the Asian-American Law Students Association and the Federalist Society, which drew a remarkable 100 students out of a total enrollment of around 600, filling one of the large lecture halls. In this instance, the research findings and proposals of my article were the central topic under examination, and the law students had many detailed and probing questions, producing a very useful discussion.

But for me, the true highlight of the visit came later that evening, when Amy Chua—of “Tiger Mom” fame—and her husband Jed Rubenfeld, both prominent law professors, hosted a small gathering at their home for faculty members and students, with the resulting discussion of the topics in my article and various other public policy issues continuing on for several hours. I’ve always greatly enjoyed such thoughtful discussions with extremely intelligent, knowledgeable people, and I afterward once again regretted my own late-1980s defection from the academic world. ...
Ron's (unpublished) essay on the evolution of Amy Chua. See also Tiger mothers and behavior genetics.

The figures of merit:


disqus_0KFp6mVlIE said...

I become suspicious when I see a chart that purports to make an argument about a racially linked variable that includes 8 East coast schools and exactly 1 outlier school that also happens to be on the West coast. I think the first chart could be improved by including Stanford (2012 data here: This data appears consistent with the discrimination hypothesis, as the percentage of Asians at Stanford is similar to the Ivy League and not Caltech. It would hardly constitute a statistically valid control for geography, but I think it would improve the chart.

gide07 said...

Jewish winners of the science Oympiad in chemistry = 0%. Of all the sciences
it's the most goyish. Look at chem depts. Why? The Japanese are champs at synthetic organic.

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