Saturday, November 10, 2012

Training days

Great training footage here of Carlos Condit and Georges St. Pierre. It's incredible how far MMA has come in the last 15 years. I'd say training methods of the top camps are as good as or better than in any other sport. The talent pool that MMA draws from still has a way to go, however. I think we'll see a lot more Jon Jones/GSP level pure athletes if the sport continues to progress.

I especially like the brief part near the end where John Danaher (Renzo blackbelt) is coaching GSP in BJJ, and what Firas (GSP head trainer) says to the team about going hard with the visiting Muay Thai world champion: don't go hard with this guy unless you want to end up in the hospital!


ben_g said...

Not sure why Condit took a bath in freezing cold water.. Don't see how that could be good for you

steve hsu said...

Common practice these days, including at most NFL camps. I've never tried it myself.

ben_g said...

"A 2012 systemic database review was conducted of fourteen existing studies which compared cold-water immersion following exercise with doing nothing or resting as a way to prevent subsequent muscle soreness. The authors found evidence that cold-water immersion reduced muscle soreness after exercise as well as lowered levels of fatigue and sped up physical recovery, although they noted that these studies did not examine other variables such as possible negative effects on the body."

It seems like it wouldn't be good for the body because it would interfere with homeostasis-- I think the body hasn't evolved for sudden changes in temperature like that

Christopher Chang said...

Seth Roberts reports a surprising negative correlation with cold showers:

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