Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Solvay 1927

1927 Solvay meeting on quantum mechanics. Leading physicists to world: Go Oregon Ducks!

Our grad students modified the famous photo (using Gimp) for the UO Physics t-shirt :-)

Video from the meeting:


TheGuyFromEarlier said...

That is possibly the coolest tshirt I have ever seen.  The perfect combo of nerdiness/humor. Totally jealous.

steve hsu said...

You can probably order one if you're willing to pay postage. I got mine for $10. On the back it says "O Physics" with the big Oregon "O". You'll be all set for when we win the national title next year ;-)

TheGuyFromEarlier said...

My friends and I were crushed when Auburn won the championship last year.  I'm from the south and, like many citizens of SEC states that lost to the cheaters, I rooted for the ducks in response.

Plus, if you're a SWPL kind of person and you like sports, Oregon is the perfect team to root for. :-p  Everyone knows that!

Sam H said...

I will point out that most of those guys seem to be ectomorphic. It seems like ectomorphs tend to be smarter than mesomorphs and endomorphs. Just sayin'. (This is my way of venting against meso's.)

steve hsu said...

Can't believe what Auburn/Newton got away with. There's still a chance they'll get what OSU got, but by then it won't help the Ducks. Our program probably has its own problems, but nothing like the Cam Newton story.

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