Monday, July 11, 2011

Google double plus goodness

I much prefer G+ to Facebook. I wish I could push my blog RSS feed into my stream -- anyone know when that will be possible?

WSJ: Mark Zuckerberg might want to fast-track Facebook's initial public offering.

In what appeared to be a hasty response to the launch of Google's rival social-networking product, called Google+, Mr. Zuckerberg on Wednesday unveiled Facebook's new video-chatting feature. He called it "super awesome." Too bad Google made the same feature available in 2008. Indeed, Facebook suddenly looks vulnerable. This could be bad news for investors who have recently paid top dollar for stock in Facebook in private sales. ...

Will this meme gain traction among analysts as the FB IPO approaches? Gmail has 240 million unique users, so it should be possible to increase the reach of G+ very quickly. It would also be very easy to write a migration app that moves your friends list over to G+ ... How much lock-in is there really for social networks? I'm not a big user so perhaps I'm missing something.

Some G+ tips via Dan MacArthur:

Vincent Mo originally shared this post: Tame your Google+ circle madness in 3 easy steps

After using Google+ for almost a year internally at Google and almost a week in the “real world”, this is the best way I’ve found to manage my circles.

Step 1: Face reality
Come to grips with the fact that you will never read EVERYTHING on Google+.

Step 2: Make circles for SHARING
Create circles of friends that you share with (e.g. Work, Family, Church). These are the circles you use to control access to the posts you write. People can be in multiple circles. For example, a coworker might also be in your photography club.

Step 3: Make a circle for READING
Decide on a few people you really want to keep up with and add them to a separate *Inbox circle. This circle has a selection of people from Work, Family, and Church. Face it, not everyone at work or in your family is that interesting. If you can’t read everything, you might as well make sure the stuff you do read is interesting. =)

> When you share something, use your “sharing” circles. Did you take a trip with your family? Share the photos with your Family circle.

> When you’re reading your stream, click on your *Inbox circle on the left side of the stream. This will give you a more manageable amount of content than the Stream link, which for many people is already a fire hose of random stuff, most of which might not be that interesting. You may want to make a couple other circles for reading different topics. I have a separate *Inbox: Photographers circle where I read a few popular photo bloggers.

Note that my inbox circles start with * so that they sort to the top of the circles list on the left side of the stream. (Except for the default circles like “Acquaintances” - I just renamed those so they don’t automatically sort to the top).

It looks like Hangouts is a good way to do teleconferencing -- up to 10 users and you can share your desktop to show figures or a presentation.


You said...

The migration app's easy as long as FB allows it. Right now they don't. So, there is some lockin.

Bored Social said...

Facebook should definitely fast track their IPO. Currently the valuations being passed around for their stock are completely deranged. If Zuckerberg cared about maximizing his return he'd sell his entire stake right now. Facebook isn't worth 50B- and the valuation at the IPO is probably going to be higher. It blows my mind that 'sophisticated investors' are willing to invest in hilarious valuations like LNKD and soon Facebook. I wish them the best of luck- but it's going to suck.

Kuan Yin-wan said...

One advantage of facebook over the Google + is the games BUT I heard that Google invest millions of dollars to developed a games for Google +.

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