Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to work

Now it's back to work in Taiwan. I still had several administrative issues to take care of this morning (health insurance, travel reimbursement, opening a bank account, etc.), which made me stop and estimate the total amount of effort that it has taken to set up this sabbatical. I'd guess we expended a person-month of work to book travel, sublet our house, move in, set things up here, enroll the kids in a new school, etc., etc. It's pretty daunting considering our planned stay here is slightly less than a year!

I've had really good luck with jet lag in the last month. I adjusted fairly rapidly from Pacific to Taiwan time (-9 hrs), then to Spain (-6 hrs), and now (seemingly) back to Taiwan. I find melatonin works well for me, although individual responses vary. (I learned about it from a Japanese physicist who travels a lot.)

Below are some photos of my office and the Institute of Physics here. I've gotten in the habit of taking photos all the time using my iPhone. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it helps me remember what I've been doing during this life. ("The days are long, but the years are short.")


botti said...

***I find melatonin works well for me, although individual responses vary.***

I've found it to be excellent when I've travelled from NZ to the US or UK. Annoyingly, in NZ you need a prescription to get it.

botti said...

Also, Robert Plomin has reported on some more genes associated with academic performance.

It will be interesting to see what results the BGI get.

steve hsu said...

Someone else sent me that link. I think the reporter has things a bit garbled, but we'll see. I doubt they really got 200 statistically significant hits -- probably only candidates at this point.

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