Sunday, September 19, 2010

Barcelona photos

I spent part of a day in Barcelona on the way back, mostly in the Gothic Quarter near the Ramblas. If you're looking for a reasonable place to stay, try the Residencia d'Investigadors, which is run by the Catalonia government and is open to professors and researchers. Some random photos below (click for larger versions).

Courtyard of the Picasso museum (no photos allowed of the collection).

An Olmec head at a small museum of indigenous American art across the street from the Picasso. Many of Barcelona's museums are free for professors.

A bookstore and a book that caught my eye.

The oldest magic store in Spain. I went in, hoping to see some good sleights, but was disappointed to see tourists (albeit Spanish) buying simple props and tricks. They did have some beautiful posters on the wall from old time conjurors.

Tourists eating dinner.

A cafe.

VIP lounge, Barcelona airport.

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