Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More perils of precocity

Driving the kids to preschool this morning.

I: "Daddy, does everybody see the same sun?"

M: "If it's day here, is it night in China?"

A short lecture on the earth-sun geometry and rotation of the earth ensues.

I: "But daddy, if the earth is spinning why don't all of these cars fall off?"


Guest1729 said...

Just curious - what in your estimate is the proportion of academics in math intensive fields who have 2 or more kids?

steve hsu said...

2 is not uncommon, but 3 is.

DB said...

I. Hsu, "A No-Go Theorem for 'Spinning Earth' Models Based on the Absence of Flying Cars", Journal_of_Observational_Cosmology v.2490 p.1.

steve hsu said...


As we know, all no-go theorems have loopholes ...

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