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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CrossFit Games

I love this video. I don't do CrossFit, mostly because I'm a bit too old and creaky, although I do use HIIT and Tabata.

Check out the 2010 CrossFit Games -- see link to videos, of training as well as competition. The sport is kind of wacky -- kind of like the early days of triathlon, I guess. The competitors are wannabes in each of the core movements: weak Olympic lifters, clumsy gymnasts, slow sprinters, etc. But they have an all-around versatility.

I like the sisu (toughness) of this Finnish guy, Mikko Salo.


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Shawn said...

Have these guys inherited better genes for overall athleticism than, say, triathletes? I would say so, but maybe not decathletes...

steve hsu said...

These guys are much more similar to decathletes than triathletes. The latter are strictly endurance athletes.

This sport is in its early days. The guys we regard as monsters now will be far surpassed if the sport continues to grow. MMA is a good example of this. For their day, the Shamrocks or Rickson were amazing, but today they'd have a hard time with journeymen fighters. If MMA keeps growing we'll see much more amazing specimens...

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