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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's a wonderful life

G+ got me to use Picasa, so I was sorting through photos and thought I would share these.

When I look at these pictures I am simply amazed -- the kids change so fast that each stage is but a fleeting moment.

If you are a parent of young kids my advice is to take as many photos and as much video as you can! Sure, you might look like a dork with your camera or cellphone pointed at your kid, but you'll be happy you did it.

Photos and long term memory.


TheGuyFromEarlier said...

Cute... reminds me of http://youtu.be/KTCQpjUrCe8 

Yan Shen said...

You know, you're a lot better when you're not bizarrely derailing threads with anti-Asian bashing. I commend you on your improved behavior. Hopefully in the future, you can contribute positively to debates related to important issues.

Sabine Hossenfelder said...

Lovely :o) Yes, I've come to appreciate my digicam very much since the babies. 

TheGuyFromEarlier said...


Dawg_from_Hell 2010 said...

You need to shed 20 lbs of muscle mass to look like a real Professor.

Steve Hsu and other high-IQ people need to read this and, well, have their tribe increase:


botti said...

Cute photos and excellent advice. I'm trying to take plenty of pics of our 9 day old daughter & should get some kind of video recorder too.

reservoir_dogs said...


steve hsu said...

Congrats! Actually your digicam (or even iphone) probably takes decent movies (perhaps even HD) and it's more convenient than getting a separate video camera. I find convenience trumps sophistication -- if you have the device handy you'll take more photos/video and by sheer statistics end up with good stuff. More shots at slightly lower quality trumps fewer shots with a fancier device.

steve hsu said...

"shed 20 lbs of muscle"

Aging will eventually do this to me, although by working out I've managed to stay the same weight an (roughly) composition as when I was 20.

Dawg_from_Hell 2010 said...

The benefit of being smart: you seem to have a pretty decent work-life balance. Pedestrian people need to sacrifice much of their personal lives to be a fraction as productive.

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