Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Global R&D ~$1 trillion per annum?

Federal R&D, which skews more toward basic research, is typically somewhat less than 1% of US GDP (~$100 billion per annum). See figure below.
WSJ: ... U.S.-based companies accounted for $329 billion of a record $781.8 billion in R&D spending tallied by PwC for the year ended June 30. While Chinese R&D investment came in at $61 billion, in 2010 that figure was just $7 billion, PwC said. Today, 145 Chinese companies are among the top 1,000 R&D spenders, up from 14 a decade ago.

... PwC’s figures don’t include private companies, however, which leaves out China’s state-owned monoliths and closely held Huawei Technologies Co., the world’s largest maker of telecommunications equipment. Huawei said it spent more than $13 billion on R&D last year.

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