Wednesday, May 10, 2017

AI Now (O'Reilly ebook)

爱 (ài) means "love" in Chinese!  :-)
Artificial Intelligence Now
Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Media

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The past year or so has seen a true explosion in both the capabilities and adoption of artificial intelligence technologies. Today’s generalized AI tools can solve specific problems more powerfully than the complex rule-based tools that preceded them. And, because these new AI tools can be deployed in many contexts, more and more applications and industries are ripe for transformation with AI technologies.

By drawing from the best posts on the O’Reilly AI blog, this in-depth report summarizes the current state of AI technologies and applications, and provides useful guides to help you get started with deep learning and other AI tools.

In six distinct parts, this report covers:

The AI landscape: the platforms, businesses, and business models shaping AI growth; plus a look at the emerging AI stack

Technology: AI’s technical underpinnings and deep learning capabilities, tools, and tutorials

Homebuilt autonomous systems: "hobbyist" applications that showcase AI tools, libraries, cloud processing, and mobile computing

Natural language: strategies for scoping and tackling NLP projects

Use cases: an analysis of two of the leading-edge use cases for artificial intelligence—chat bots and autonomous vehicles

Integrating human and machine intelligence: development of human-AI hybrid applications and workflows; using AI to map and access large-scale knowledge databases

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