Thursday, June 09, 2016

Industrial Development – China and Africa (LSE)

Hsieh (the first speaker) gives a nice characterization of (for lack of better terminology) efficient crony capitalism in China -- in which local governments compete to promote growth and development by working with local and foreign companies to get things done. I've been told that Xi's crackdown on corruption has crippled the incentive structure of this system. Hsieh comments on this at the beginning of the Q&A.
Industrial Development – China and Africa

Chang-Tai Hsieh is Winkelried Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago.

John Sutton is the Sir John Hicks Professor of Economics at LSE.

Dr John Page is Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution (@BrookingsGlobal), IGC Country Director (Tanzania) and former Chief Economist for Africa, World Bank.
See also Howard French: China's Second Continent.

Also recommended: How the World Works, James Fallows in The Atlantic (1993).

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