Monday, June 13, 2016

Foo Camp 2016

I was at Foo Camp the last few days. This year they kept the size a bit lower (last year was kind of a zoo) and I thought the vibe was a lot more relaxed and fun. Many thanks to the O'Reilly folks for running this wonderful meeting and for inviting me. My first time was 9 years ago!

I ran a session TRUMP 2016? CAN IT HAPPEN HERE? (a few people in the session caught the Sinclair Lewis reference) to get a feel for whether the tech community understands what's happening in our country. At another meeting earlier in the year I concluded
Everything at this meeting is off the record, so I can't say much about it. The one comment I'll make is that among this group of elites almost no one I've spoken to groks Trump or his appeal to a large number of Americans.
The other session I co-ran (with Othman Laraki of Color Genomics) was on genomics.

Lots of good stuff at hashtag #foocamp.

Here's a list of book recommendations from one of the sessions (James Cham).

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