Sunday, July 21, 2013

The acme of human civilization

Some recent photos taken in the bay area.

Palo Alto startup. If you squint you can see pseudocode and flowcharts on the glass.

Apple store, University Ave. near Stanford.

Coursera. Note the standing desks.

Foodie heaven in San Francisco.

Food trucks in the east bay.


David Coughlin said...

Populated by Super Geniuses.

oregonlocal said...

Yes to the East Bay. It has the best views by far (SF, The Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and Mt. Tam) but the hills are backed up on the east by thousands of acres of park and reservoir land. My recommendation is Kensington. Adjacent to Berkeley but actually *not* in Bolshevik Alameda County. It also has the worlds's best view of Grizzly Peak from Arlington Avenue. Silicon valley is a hell hole like L.A.

Go Bears!!!

mazzini said...

This post is titled in jest, right? The Bay Area has probably the densest population of narcissists and hucksters in America, outside of lower Manhattan.

Anthony_A said...

Food trucks - is that Alameda?

steve hsu said...


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