Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Greetings from Hsinchu

The Silicon Valley of Taiwan.

Chillaxin'  =  chillin' and relaxin'   :-)


Bobdisqus said...

BGI IQ study subjects, right?

Stevie Mac said...

Hi Steve, I've just watched your google talk about the BGI IQ study. It was the best introduction to IQ I've ever seen! I have a question. Once that 0.6 of variation that comes from non-additive alleles (if I've got that right- I'm a total layman) is accounted for, will you be able to answer, or be closer to answering, whether the racial iq differences have a genetic basis? thanks

Stevie Mac said...

Obviously if you identify those genes, you will be able to tell whether their frequency varies in different populations but maybe you wont know the size of the effect of each gene and that might complicate the issue, right? Also is there not a possibility that the importance of the additive part differs between populations so that it may make up for a deficit from the non-additive part?

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