Sunday, July 14, 2013

Microsoft Research Faculty Summit

See you in Seattle.

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This July 15 will mark the start of Microsoft Research’s fourteenth annual Faculty Summit at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington. More than 400 academic researchers from 200 institutions and 29 countries will join Microsoft Research to assess and explore today’s computing opportunities. This year, Bill Gates will join us to set the tone of the summit in a conversation on the topic of “Innovation and Opportunity—the Contribution of Computing to Improving Our World.”

Also delivering keynote presentations this year:

Doug Burger will discuss how changes in the hardware ecosystem will disrupt computer science.
Peter Lee and Jeannette Wing will examine how basic research helps everyone.
Clay Shirky will explore user-centric approaches to data.

Sessions covering topics ranging from “Prediction Engines” and “Big Data Platforms” to “Deep Machine Learning” and “Quantum Computing” adorn the summit agenda and will foster rich and engaging discussions.
You can watch it live.

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