Saturday, October 06, 2012

Naipaul, Tejpal and India

Tarun Tejpal interviews V.S. Naipaul. Unfortunately, at this point Tejpal is a more interesting thinker than Naipaul.

I highly recommend Naipaul's non-fiction such as his India trilogy (discussed @25:30): An Area of DarknessIndia: A Wounded Civilization and India: A Million Mutinies Now.

For a complex portrait of Naipaul, see Paul Theroux's Sir Vidia's Shadow.


MtMoru said...

Anyone who's read his books knows Naipaul was never an interesting thinker. His race and subject --- colonialism and "post-colonialism" got him promotion though which in letters is all that matters.

Fred__R said...

I think he's written some very intelligent and original books/essays, but there has been a lot of variance in the quality of his output.

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