Monday, October 08, 2012

George Church on Colbert

George Church on the Colbert report.

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George Jones said...

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. informs Stephen Colbert that he's the whitest man he's ever tested using genetic analysis.

Prior to Big Bird becoming extinct, I think Dr. Hsu should call Dr. Gates to see if he could do a PBS "Finding Your Roots" episode and combine it with an investigative academic / journalistic interview.

It may it would help Steve air his work with the 47% "mid g" populace and assist him in overcoming with any phobias such as "journalophobia".

Steve, I do appreciate your scientific endeavors and advocacy for American entitlements such as: "IF genetic enhancement becomes possible, THEN it is better for governments to make it free rather than let it remain an option only for the rich."

Do you think such democratic sentiments are embraced by the Chinese government with the people in Tibet?

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