Sunday, October 28, 2012

MSU photos 5

Autumn in East Lansing (near Lyman Briggs residential college on the MSU campus).

Senator Levin visits an MSU lab. The device they are discussing detects DNA from invasive species using a microfluidic chip.

Visit to UW Madison as part of the UW-MSU Great Lakes BioEnergy Research Center collaboration. The first building is microbiology, the second one under construction is for the Wisconsin Energy Institute which will be home to the GLBRC.

At the UW-MSU game (view from Chancellor's box). MSU won in overtime! In the next box the MSU athletic director and coaches were screaming like maniacs when MSU scored the winning touchdown. The Wisconsin fans were friendly and polite :-)


LondonYoung said...

Senator Levin is lovely - did you see him with Lloyd Blankfein at his committee's hearing? If a market maker thinks a stock may go down, Levin says they shouldn't sell it to a client looking for an offer to buy. Oh, and then after Levin subpoenas the confidential internal reviews of employees (written by reviewers who were told their comments would be confidential) he reads them aloud on television. Few people are doing more to push the U.S. the way of Argentina than your esteemed Senator. (Sorry about the politics, but that picture makes me wanna puke - I will detox watching The Walking Dead S03E03 tonight ...)

David Coughlin said...

Big Sing Ds said...


stevesailer said...

I used to live in Illinois, and Michigan scenery was just all-around better than Illinois scenery.

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