Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crossfit Lullaby

Crossfit competitor Blair Morrison does a brutal but very basic workout. AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible.

Morrison was a wide receiver for Princeton and it's interesting to hear him in other videos talk about mental toughness and overcoming challenges.

How good is Morrison? In earlier years he qualified for and placed highly overall in the Crossfit Games, but as the talent pool deepens that's getting much harder. At the end of the open competition (anyone can compete by submitting video of their performance on the 5 workouts), he's ranked 12th in the NorCal region and 125th overall in the world.


Sam H said...

At 6'1' 143 lbs. I probably wouldn't do so well in this new sport. 

Rodrigo Guzman said...

what's your take on crossfit?  No doubt the elite athletes in crossfit are pretty impressive.  Furthermore, HIIT and lifting heavy things are very effective ways to work out. However, I wonder if it really is worth the injury risk -- it seems like a very stupid idea to do compound heavy-ish lifts "for time" as many of the workouts call for. 

steve hsu said...

Definitely not for everyone, and I agree about injury risk. I don't do full-blown CF, but I like some of their exercises and I find the videos inspirational. The attitude that by pushing hard you can get your workout done in a very compressed period of time is very useful for me. But warming up properly is very important.

Pietrus said...

It's actually surprisingly easy to put on muscle. You can pack on 30 lbs of muscle in 5-6 months pretty easily. The endurance/mental toughness is not so easy, however.

J G said...

Lol, it's easy to put on 30 lbs of muslce + fat, but no way you can put on 30 lbs of muslce alone in that time, you gotta be kidding me

SLD82 said...

Maybe it’s just me getting older but I find the concept of
physical fitness to be less a static goal and more of an ongoing process – that is,
the process of getting to an old age free of nagging pain, injuries, and
chronic disease. I agree with others that aspects of crossfit are good, but
anyone who regularly does these workouts for years on end is borrowing trouble
(very odd there are very few 50+ crossfitters…hmmm???). 

Personally, I am inspired more by 80 year olds who are still
active and in great shape (both mentally and physically), than a 22 year old
who can do three-minute Frans. 

Robert Rota said...

Robert Rota said...

I too would love to condense my workout into the most efficient use of energy and time. If you have any ideas please pass them on. Nice video. Thanks. I like the SEAL training, Qi Gong, Squats/Bench/Clean&Jerk, running, swimming, biking, kung fu, other hand to hand, and weapons. 

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