Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Margin Call

I can't believe they shot this for only $3.5 million. A lot of star power for such a tiny budget. NYTimes review.


Steve Sailer said...

I wonder what the going rate is for a Stanley Tucci-level character actor. Say it's $20,000 per day. If you are an efficient director and get him in and out in 10 days, that's not a huge chunk of even a tiny budget. Woody Allen operates like that, although it did cost him $30 million to finally make a good movie again this year.

Steve Sailer said...

It's a good one. Look for my review in Taki's Magazine. It was shot in 17 days, using the Red brand digital camera. They rented an unused floor of a Manhattan skyscraper and gave each big name actor an office to use as his dressing room so they didn't have to rent trailers.

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