Sunday, October 02, 2011

China economic challenges

Highlights of a special FT debate looking at the choices that lie ahead for the world’s second largest economy: video. [Related statistic: Chinese internet users now exceed 500 million, greater than the entire population of the EU.]

Forensic Asia's Gillem Tulloch believes that the Chinese property market is a bubble on a similar magnitude to the crisis in the US as a result of the huge stimulus package after the global financial crisis. He tells the FT why he thinks China could be on the verge of a property-led slump that would have an impact far beyond its own borders: video. [The only question is when this bubble will pop and whether it will be an orderly decline.]

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KenC said...

Well here’s a snappy little article to brighten everyone's day. My recent rope investment looks better all the time: China’s problems might be a bright spot in all of this.

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