Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuclear Boy is sick

Some videos to take us into the weekend here in Asia.

Nuclear Boy

And two more just for fun...

J.R. Oppenheimer

Mario Savio


Kim_Dae-jung said...

The Japanese are perverts. There are many many more examples.
No such cartoon would appear in any European country or in any former colony.

Am I right or am I just a cultural imperialist?

DB said...

I feel sad for Nuclear Boy, that he can never be allowed to poo.

KenC said...

I'll tell you one thing. I remember watching Oppenheimer's mea culpa clip years ago about the fury of (and his involvement in ) the unleashing the power of the atom and thinking it was one of the most powerful videos I had even seen in my life. That still holds true. Thanks for posting that and refreshing some forgotten memories.

Yeosandong said...

"Some laughed, some cried."

Scientists. Really just a bunch of adolescents playing around with loaded guns.

Guy said...

Nah, you're just a moron.

Guy said...

I remember the Mario Savio speech from a civil rights class I took. (Yes, I took it as a science major.) Good one.

Really dislike the kooky infowars plug at the end, but good video.

Guest said...

Apparently you know nothing about the Japanese. Have you lived there? Probably not.

Guest said...

You can't see a "rhetorical" question when you see one.

Japan IS and entire nation of perverts and whoever would deny it is either Japanese or politically correct.

Guest said...

The Tale of Genji, Japan's most revered work of fiction, is a PORNO.

There are many many more examples

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