Monday, December 27, 2010

Podcast roundup

Econtalk: Joe Nocera and Russ Roberts discuss the financial crisis. One of the best Econtalk podcasts in a long time. I think I agreed entirely with Nocera.

In Our Time on the Industrial Revolution. Ordinarily deferential host Melvyn Bragg mixes it up with guests over UK exceptionalism. Was it primarily easy access to coal, or were other factors as important?

Christmas eve gospel: Mahalia Jackson rules! Tracks 1, 14 and 15 are my favorites. It's a shame we almost never hear this kind of music any more.

John Mellencamp on Fresh Air. Highly recommended if you are a fan. This is an old interview, but I only listened to it relatively recently.


LondonYoung said...

KenC - Ha! Love it! While I have little sympathy for Marxists, this is exactly the sort of step back I am talkin' about! There is a particularly good point that the American debate is deaf to the Franco-German view that this is an Anglo-Saxon capitalism issue.

LondonYoung said...

FW - Tell us your opinions on eugenics.

F_W_de_Klerk said...

Facetious I suppose, but that's fine.

I will say that because 1) any criteria are better than none, 2) no child is a clone of either of his parents, and 3) I don't want children any way, I wouldn't really care if I were among the "deselected".

When I hear a waiter say, "I can't feed my five children." I think: That's a situation that doesn't need to exist and shouldn't.

There are practical difficulties but the expense would be more than worth it eventually.

One political difficulty that is missed in the neoliberal jabber that passes for thought is that any government powerful enough to carry out such a thing is a threat to Capital.

LondonYoung said...

In line w/KenC, the latest US census data has American women have 1.9 children each, but US population rising (mainly) due to immigration. But for global demand, the BRIC's are bringing more consumers into the mix. So when your waiter can't feed his five kids (whatever that means since in the US federal and state child nutrition programs make that nearly impossible) do you want to stop that by (a) let's make all countries have fewer children to de-stress the Earth's resources, (b) let's redistribute income so that it is more even on a per capita basis or (c) let's license only high earners to have lots of kids? Only (b) sounds threatening to Capital, but I don't think it is what you have in mind ...

georgesdelatour said...


My friends in Shanghai say that for a guy just to get a date with a girl, he has to already own a family-sized property and show it to her. Otherwise no chance.

KenC said...

Makes sense to me. I figured they might be doing something like that. The laws of supply and demand are alive and well, and the families that only wanted sons must be kicking themselves these days. Happy New Year!

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