Friday, December 10, 2010

Beijing bound

Off to Beijing tomorrow. I'll be a visitor at ITP/KITP for the next week. I hope I have enough warm clothes. It will be a shock, since I've been walking around in shorts in Taipei!

Planning to meet up with Seth Roberts (a techer!), Maoxian, and assorted physicists, mathematicians, young prodigies, and genomicists :-)

Maoxian points me to this place, among others:


Inquiring_minds_want_to_know said...

All that traveling. What's Steve's deal? I mean really. What his deal? A high investment parent who's gone all the time. Is his wife really that bad?

Abcd said...

So when is Dr. Hsu going to draw inspiration from Maoxian and post his tgif pics? :)

steve hsu said...

I wish I had some to post!

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