Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools

Today at the preschool I bumped into an old friend who has her son in the same class as my kids. She's a professor in a social science department here, and she couldn't wait to tell me about the prank she had pulled on her colleagues at their weekly seminar. She was in charge of refreshments, and decided to offer -- get this -- human milk cheese and human milk with coffee and tea! The milk was supposed to be hers (she is breast feeding a new baby) and she used Adobe Illustrator to create a label for the cheese. (I asked her to send me a copy of the label, which I'll post here. My suggestion would have been: "People's Dairy -- real cheese from real people's milk!")

My friend is solidly on the left, but she laughed as she pointed out that none of her colleagues dared speak out against the strange refreshments. It would have been politically incorrect to criticize someone else's dietary choices :-) They looked uncomfortable, but they ate the yummy "human cheese" and used the "human milk" in their coffee and tea. The People's Republic of Eugene!

What would you have done?

Update from the prankster:
... the one thing to correct is that most people didn't eat it, and most seemed pretty appalled... but they largely kept it to themselves. But when I finally said April Fools (about 30 minutes into it), there was palpable relief in the room. (Only 2-3 grads tried the cheese).

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Nathan Myers said...

POPs per milliliter ought to depend strongly on the diet of the ... er ... lactater.

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