Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The price of eggs

Eggs purchased from female donors at elite universities are several times more expensive.

From Aaron D. Levine, "Self-Regulation, Compensation, and the Ethical Recruitment of Oocyte Donors," Hastings Center Report 40, no 2 (2010): 25-36. More.


The Asian of Reason said...

I wish I were female and they actually allowed donors to become sellers.

Of course, everyone wants their child to be smart. People understand HBD, even if they don't admit it.

zzz said...

Looks probably play a big role too. There could be a small positive correlation between a proportionate face and g.

steve hsu said...

Do you think the girls are better looking at the high SAT schools? :-)

zzz said...

I certainly do think so; although that's speaking from a very small sample size, and there are SES factors uncontrolled for, e.g. lower income leading to higher body mass. On the other hand, retarded people are almost always prenatally disfigured as well, so there should be quite a few common genetic and environmental factors affecting development of both face and brain that act on normal people as well.

catperson said...

"On the other hand, retarded people are almost always prenatally disfigured as well"

This is simply not true. The vast majority of Americans with IQ's below 70 are simply the far left portion of the biologically normal population of the IQ bell curve. They differ in IQ from the average for the same genetic & prenatal reasons that gifted people differ from the average. Do not confuse these normal (familial) retardates with organic retardates (i.e. Downs Syndrome, autism, Williams syndrome etc) who are actually part of a separate non-normal population that is largely excluded from the standardization of most professional IQ tests. The mistaken view that IQ does not form a perfectly Gaussian curve comes from the failure to distinguish these 2 groups. Also keep in mind that in many populations around the world & prior to the industrial revolution which boosted height & brain size by about 1.5 SD, IQ's around 70 are the norm. Bushment average IQ's below 54.

steve hsu said...

Most guys at elite schools don't think their female counterparts are especially good looking, and I suspect the feelings might be mutual :-)

See, e.g., comment below:


hey all. long-time lurker & harvard undergrad here, where the ratio is
just about 50/50 and almost every male’s situation boils down to one
of 3 possibilities:

1) “harvard married”: beta dude finds a marginally attractive 6 and
holds on for dear life. these relationships typically flourish in the
beta male’s sophomore year, and end at graduation.

2) “john harvard”: semi-alpha (typically an athlete, with lower
intelligence/higher testosterone) bangs almost every single 8 and up.
never in a relationship, they’re happy to just trade the girls amongst
each other.

3) “cambridge cocktoucher”: porn, porn, and more porn – unless of
course a random hurrying/scurrying asian 5.21 takes a liking to them
in their math class, in which case they transition to “harvard
married” status.

there’s no “dating” here – you’re either alpha, married, or
masturbating so furiously that your cock is glowing red-hot.

its nasty out here. if your kids ever have the misfortune of being
accepted, bribe them with whatever you can into attending a different
university. bankrupt yourself if you must.


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