Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Comment moderation

FYI, I reserve the right to delete comments that I feel are objectionable.

Also, keep in mind I can see your IP address.


Anonymous said...

what good is the ip address?

Anonymous said...

It's handy for spotting sock puppets - one person pretending to be several.

It is also possible to ban IP addresses, which will do away with peopel on static IPS, or ranges which can be used to ban entire isps, companies, universities or countries.

Its not so useful if all you want to do is go around and break someones legs, unless you have expensive lawyers '-)

quercus said...

Dr. Hsu, I'll use this an open thread.

Did you catch Harry Markopolos's testimony to Congress yesterday about how he tried in vain to get the SEC to bust the Madoff Ponzi scheme starting in 2000 (!) and was continually stonewalled.

Fascinating stuff.

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