Friday, June 20, 2008

Parallel universes

This BBC documentary follows Mark Everett, the rock singer son of Hugh Everett III (the discoverer of many worlds quantum mechanics) as he seeks to understand his father's legacy. Unfortunately I can only find the snippet linked to above -- does anyone have a copy? Apparently Hugh Everett and his son were not close. Mark Everett explains that the first time he held his father was on the day he discovered him dead. Hugh was 51, Mark 19.

Another related (and possibly copyright violating) request: anyone have a copy of this Believer article by novelist Rivka Galchen on many worlds quantum mechanics?

BBC News:

...Mark Oliver Everett's own career path couldn't have been more different from that of his father.

Mark Everett is the creative force behind the successful American cult rock band Eels. He is the first to admit that he can barely add up a restaurant tip and knows virtually nothing about quantum physics.

The splitting universe

But the main reason Mark decided to participate in the documentary was that he has always felt estranged from his father, and this would be an opportunity to understand his father better.

Along the way, Mark meets many of his father's old colleagues and also younger physicists who have been inspired by Hugh Everett's work. ...


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I might, I'll check when I get home.

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check out PBS NOVA

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