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Monday, July 29, 2013

Art of Jiujitsu

Wish I'd had a training space like this! Maybe for the kids :-)

Mendes bro (155er?) tapping the much bigger UFC fighter Luke Rockhold (185). So smooth!


efalken said...

Some good fights tonight on TV (Bellator, Spike I think). Ben Askren is a very funky (ie, smart) wrestler, not really physical, but he just knows exactly where to be. Lawal Muhammed is the opposite, a physical freak. He took up wrestling as a senior in high school, and won nationals in college, which is pretty amazing. Muhammed is more fun to watch, but I like Askren as a person so I like his matches even though they usually go to a decision.

steve hsu said...

I'm very interested to see how far Askren can go with his "ordinary" physical abilities. Lawal needs to develop better striking to get to the elite level, but you're right he has the physical tools.

ben_g said...

Steve, what are your thoughts on Roger Gracie losing his match? Interesting article on it here which blames the gi: http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2013/7/19/4539886/roger-gracie-maia-and-the-state-of-bjj-in-modern-mma

alternatively it could just be the level of athleticism required by mma now.

steve hsu said...

MMA is not BJJ!

ben_g said...

Sure, but as the article notes Gracie was out-grappled, not out-punched.

oregonlocal said...

As a very young man I was greatly impressed with the one-armed middle age Spencer Tracy besting Ernest Borgnine using "judo" moves (as most martial arts were incorrectly called in the vernacular of the day.) A Great MMA action scene and a truly great movie. What a cast!!!


steve hsu said...

I haven't seen the fight, but grappling in MMA is very different from sport BJJ -- your opponent can't punch you in the face in a sport match.

Enson Inoue once told me, as we were practicing a sport BJJ move: "This shit would get you killed in a real fight!"

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