Thursday, November 03, 2022

Richard Sander on SCOTUS Oral Arguments: Affirmative Action and Discrimination against Asian Americans at Harvard and UNC (Manifold #23)


Richard Sander is Jesse Dukeminier Professor at UCLA Law School. AB Harvard, JD, PhD (Economics) Northwestern. 

Sander has studied the structure and effects of law school admissions policies. He coined the term "Mismatch" to describe the negative consequences resulting from large admissions preferences. 

Rick and Steve discuss recent oral arguments at the Supreme Court in Students for Fair Admissions vs Harvard College and Students For Fair Admissions vs the University of North Carolina. 

0:00 Rick’s experience at the Supreme Court 
4:11 Rick’s impression of the oral arguments 
16:24 Analyzing the court’s questions 
29:09 The negative impact on Asian American students 
34:41 Shifting sentiment on affirmative action 
40:04 Three potential outcomes for Harvard and UNC cases 
44:00 Possible reasons for conservatives to be optimistic 
50:31 Final thoughts on experiencing oral arguments in person 
52:12 Mismatch theory 
56:31 The future of higher education 


Background on the Harvard case: 


Previous interview with Richard (Manifold #6)

See the Crimson for some photos of the parties involved

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