Thursday, November 17, 2022

Abdel Abdellaoui: Genetics, Psychiatric Traits, and Educational Attainment — Manifold #24


Abdel Abdellaoui is Assistant Professor of Genetics in the Department of Psychiatry, Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam. 

Abdel Abdellaoui is a geneticist who has been involved in a wide range of studies on psychiatric genetics, behavioral genetics, and population genetics. He is particularly interested in how collective behaviors, such as migration and mate choice, influence the genetic makeup of populations and the relationship between genetic risk factors and environmental exposures. 

Steve and Abdel discuss: 

00:00 Abdel’s background: education, family history, research career 
10:23 Abdel’s research focus: polygenic traits, geographical stratification 
21:43 Correlations across geographical regions 
33:21 Educational Attainment 
38:51 Comparisons across data sets 
44:48 Longevity 
52:04 Reaction to NIH restricting access to data on educational attainment 

Abdel Abdellaoui on Google Scholar:

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