Thursday, January 17, 2019

Babylon Health (BBC documentary)

On my last trip to London I learned that the startup Bablyon Health is causing a huge stir. Babylon received some initial funding from the founders of DeepMind (leading AI company acquired by Google; I was visiting them to give a talk).

Babylon created an AI phone app (a chatbot) to gather information from patients. The AI does triage and directs the patient (depending on severity of situation) to a GP (General Practitioner). The GP interaction takes place over video chat. The AI also suggests diagnoses to the GP who sees the recommendations on their computer screen. In tests the AI performed similarly to an average human GP and better than the worst GPs.

Already ~500k Londoners (including the UK Health Minister!) have chosen Bablyon as their NHS GP.

The BBC documentary above is really good.

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