Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Grand Experiment

I've been making secret preparations for a YouTube / Podcast show :-)

We've taped a first episode and are working on a few more. The whole thing is an experiment -- no telling whether it will work out, and no promises I'll have time to really do it right.

Please give me suggestions for people you'd like to see interviewed on the show. Or volunteer yourself if you have something to share. I think we'll probably allow pseudonymous guests, so your identity can be kept private.

I'm especially interested in knowledgeable people who could give us insight on

Silicon Valley (Big Tech and startups and VC)
Financial Markets
Academia (Good, Bad, and Ugly)
The View from Europe
The View from Asia (Life in PRC? Fear and Loathing of PRC?)
Frontiers of Science (AI, Genomics, Physics, ...)
Frontiers of Rationality
The Billionaire Life
What Millennials think us old folks don't understand
True things that you are not allowed to say
Bubbles that are ready to pop?
Under-appreciated Genius?
Overrated Crap and Frauds?

Here are two old videos I'm in that are already on YouTube:

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