Sunday, December 25, 2016

Time and Memory

Over the holiday I started digging through my mom's old albums and boxes of photos. I found some pictures I didn't know existed!

Richard Feynman and the 19 year old me at my Caltech graduation:

With my mom that morning -- hung-over, but very happy! I think those are some crazy old school Ray Bans :-)

Memories of Feynman: "Hey SHOE!", "Gee, you're a BIG GUY. Do you ever go to those HEALTH clubs?"

This is me at ~200 pounds, playing LB and RB back when Caltech still had a football team. Plenty of baby fat! I ran sprints for football but never longer distances. I dropped 10 or 15 pounds just by jogging a few times per week between senior year and grad school.

Here I am in graduate school. Note the Miami Vice look -- no socks!

Ten years after college graduation, as a Yale professor, competing in Judo and BJJ in the 80 kg (176 lbs) weight category. The jiujitsu guys thought it was pretty funny to have a professor on the mat! This photo was taken on the Kona coast of the big island in Hawaii. I had been training with Egan Inoue at Grappling Unlimited in Honolulu.

Baby me:

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