Monday, September 05, 2016

A secret map of the world (Venkatesh Rao / Ribbonfarm)

This is Venkatesh Rao's conceptual map of the world (as seen from Silicon Valley / the internet). Details in the video and this blog post.

In case you can't make out all the features on the map, here is a hi-res version. See also this other map.

Some places of note:

Isle of Deep Learning
Isle of Physics
Moldbug's Lair
Alt-Right Hills
Dark Enlightenment Volcano
Paleo Crossing
Satoshi Mines
Secret Cloud Empire of Amazon
Fjords of Sisu
Algomonopolia (Google, Facebook, ...)
a16z Unicorn Hunting Ground
Lean Startup Town
SJW Cathedral
Manosphere Tar Pit
Global Bro-Science Laboratory
Efficient Market Temple
Graveyard of Boomer Dreams
Ghost of Industrial Past

If these memes are unfamiliar, you need to spend more time on the internet or in the bay area :-)

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